Our partners at Panaxea (http://panaxea.eu/) have a unique role within AutoCRAT. On the Panaxea, PI Dr Janne Mewes remarks:

“We will evaluate the expected cost-effectiveness of the AutoCRAT platform in an early stage of development over the course of the four-year project. The results of the cost-effectiveness analysis aim to demonstrate the value-for-money of the platform to society, taking all changes in treatment and societal costs into account in comparison to the current standard of care, as well as the expected treatment results. The analysis will provide insights for decision-makers in hospitals, health insurers, and health technology assessment agencies, and be of value for guiding the further development of the platform.

As a first step, Panaxea conducted explorative interviews with the consortium partners to analyse the expected benefits of the new treatment modality, the expected changes in the treatment path of the patient, and on the wider effects of the platform, once implemented.”

Dr Janne Mewes

Panaxea´s AutoCRAT team is led by Dr Bert Vrijhoef and Dr Janne Mewes. Panaxea is a research consultancy based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, which supports informed decision-making on innovations in the health sector. For more information, please visit www.panaxea.eu

Read Janne’s entire news story on Panaxea’s website here.